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About Us

The internet which started as a military experiment with the US Army has now a life of its own. It has spread its web all around the world and we are in a position that it's influence is widely pervasive and have touched the lives of souls not only in the big cities of India but has reached every nook and cranny of this great country.

As it has been with the reach and the proliferation of mobile devices that have leapfrogged the rate of adoption of technology by the prior generation ; the same paradigm holds true for the developer community. Once the sole preserve of the privileged few who had access to the latest technology, in the modern India,talent is not relegated to the wealthy or the influential.

The Open source paradigm, upon which the most pervasive and disruptive technology outfits have given us iconic services such as Google and Facebook, is something we have adopted with aplomb.

We are a development shop based on the outskirts of Kolkata,a great city with a rich cultural and intellectual heritage. We set up shop in 2014 in Serampore with 10 talented developers and designers with the singular objective of producing robust and leading edge software and web presence solutions.

Our people have worked for some of the biggest firms and boast of impressive individual portfolios. We revel in the use and implementation of open source technologies such as HTML5, CSS, PhP, JAVA, JQuery, AJAX to name a few. We work on the Ajile methology and deliver projects on time without compromising quality.

On the web development front we create beautiful device responsive sites that can showcase your company, or portfolio and create an impact that will impress the viewer. We ensure that your site has high levels of uptime and render on any internet connected device, with social media integration and effective search engine optimization.

Our mobile division is geared on both Android and iOS platforms,and apart from bespoke mobile applications we can deliver comprehensive enterprise grade software solutions with integrated mobile interfaces.

In the Applications space, we have experience across different industry verticals and divisions. We shall listen to your requirements and come up with not only the best technological solution,but most importantly the most cost-effective one. We do realize that we are in a crowded marketplace and what sets us apart from the other players in this business is our ability to deliver more for less. We can do this due to the fact that we keep our overheads low and exercise judicious financial control.

So whether you are in Lucknow or Los Angeles; Delhi or Dublin any project entrusted to us will be accomplished and delivered online, at a cost that will not overwhelm you, whilst ensuring the maturity and the quality that will not underwhelm you.

Mobile Application Development

We bring to life high performance Mobile Apps which are functionally excellent and carry immersive user experience.


Website Development

We offers full spectrum of high quality Web Development and Custom Web Applications Development services



Tell a story with infographics to better understand you business and represent your data through data visualisation.


UI/UX Design

UX/UI Design increases your chances of success, since both of these roles are equally as important to your business.